10 Fun Ways To Get Fit Outside Of A Gym


Sometimes the gym becomes a mundane place to go to, especially when the weather is beautiful outside. We have 10 fun ways to get fit outside of a gym that will spice up your workout routine, whilst still helping you to keep fit and healthy.

Checkout our top 10 favourite tips to get fit outside of a gym:

1. Hiking

Taking a hike along some clean and green scenery can enhance your exertion efforts and overall workout experience.

This activity can be enjoyed alone, or with a group of friends. You may even find some serenity or inner calmness in spite of yourself, as you commune with nature.

Hiking is absolutely amazing and fulfilling. The view from hiking up a mountain is not like anything you will find a gym. Get out there and explore new hiking trials – you won’t regret it!

2. Bootcamp

Workouts that adapt the bootcamp system can be exhilarating, because it challenges you to work your body within a strictly confined set of exercises that especially target strategic skills and physical strengths.

A particular circuit such as this could work for you. A series of sit-ups jumping jacks, push-ups, triceps dips you can execute at a bench or curb, some lunges, and high knees, each exercise lasting for a minute with intervals of rest. After completing one set, you may repeat it twice or thrice.

This can give you a different kind of workout experience, which you can execute outdoors. For example, you can do a set of jumping jacks at a park, or a circuit of exercises at several local spots where you can also take in some fresh air.


3. Obstacle Course

Another way of upgrading your workout into a challenge of a much higher level is by vamping it up into an obstacle-course race. You get to push your body to executing different kinds of physical tasks, such as wall climbing, crawling under a barbed wire in several inches of mud, and managing your way between water pits and even fire pits.

These kinds of activities are enjoying increasing popularity among gym enthusiasts, adding the experience of fun and adventure to the benefits of health and fitness.

Examples of obstacle courses include Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race which are popular in Australia.

4. Running

Spending time running outside is very rewarding. You get a nice view, and get fresh air. The treadmill or the elliptical can become a bit boring or routinary. Running is the most effective cardiovascular activity that can burn more calories.

Running outside can enable you to push you body to the limit as you change your speed at will. It also challenges you more actively as you run past changing sceneries and other runners, giving you a sense of competition and achievement.


5. Walking Around Local Spots

If you wish to take things easy and let your body chill out for a bit, you can stay in shape by taking a walk. Walking is perhaps the easiest way to achieve fitness because it only requires you to exert very little effort, as it is something that is done naturally.

This can also be done with a group. Organized walks, which are usually being promoted for a cause, are rapidly becoming mainstream. Your gym might be participating in one. Signing up may enable you to know your local community a bit more, exercising not just your body, but your mind and your social skills as well.

6. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most convenient exercises, as you can perform it virtually anywhere. You can execute your poses with nothing but a mat, a flat surface, and your body.

You can try out your favourite stances in a park, on a beach or hilltop, or simply at home.


7. Team Sports

There are times when going to the gym can feel more of a chore than anything else. Joining a team for a competitive purpose can turn your workout into a friendly match against other health and fitness enthusiasts.

Adult sports leagues can allow you to have this kind of workout experience while enhancing your cardiovascular endurance and burning those unwanted calories, all in the name of fun and games.


8. Chores

Household chores form an inescapable part of your daily life.

You can hit two birds with one stone by turning your cleaning session into a workout session.

You can identify the tasks that need to be done according to the intensity of the exercise. You can pace yourself according to the ones which would most likely burn more calories, such as scrubbing or vacuuming.

Since you are in the comfort of your own home, you can make it even more fun by putting on your favourite music and add a bit of dancing as well.


9. Fitness Deals

There are several online discounts on a variety of fitness activities available in heath and wellness websites. Fitness communities such as LivingSocial and Groupon regularly offer lessons on rock climbing, yoga, and sailing.

These deals are a new and exciting way of keeping yourself fit beyond the four walls of the gym, while also having a fantastic time outdoors.

10. Volunteering

Volunteer work can be a personally satisfying way of exercising your physical capacities while also helping your community out.

Community service projects are always in need of an additional pair of hands, and getting yourself dirty on account of the greater good not only enhances your physical aspect, it also spruces up other parts of your personality as well.


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