Genius Baking Alternatives You Should Try


Are you planning to get creative in the kitchen but just can’t find ways to look for alternatives in some of the fatty ingredients you have? This can be a real struggle, especially when you are health-conscious and you want to cut down the fat you take. Don’t worry, as we provided you with genius alternatives that you should try, especially in baking!

**Alternatives for oil or butter:

Prune puree. 1/3 cup of prune puree is equivalent to a stick of butter. It also helps you in making brownies and cookies dense and dark.

Avocado puree. Avocado is rich in fats that are good for the heart, and it has a rich and smooth taste, and is best when mixed with chocolate.

Unsweetened applesauce. Unsweetened applesauce has zero fat, fewer calories and natural sweetness, which are really suitable especially if you want to bake fruity cakes and muffins.

Mashed bananas. Yes, mashed bananas are best when you want to bake sweet stuff like banana breads and muffins. It is rich in potassium and fiber, and is naturally sweet.

**Alternative for cream cheese:

Ricotta cheese. Ricotta has fewer calories than cream cheese, and it helps make cakes fluffier and lighter in texture.

**Alternative for sugar frosting:

Marshmallow fluff. Marshmallow fluff contains fewer calories than the typical frosting, and is best, if you want to make s’mores.

Excited to make miracles in the kitchen? Try these alternatives and create heavenly delicious and healthy treats at the same time!

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Written by Mari Help For Fitness

My name is Mari and I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh, wholesome lean meats and vegetables. I train approximately 4 times a week and love tabata style training.

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