New OxyShred Flavours Released!

OxyShred New Flavours

OxyShred has just released two new delicious flavours.

Can you guess which flavours they are?

Well to go with the fruit line of OxyShred flavours, EHPlabs has created two absolutely scrumptious fruity flavours. These two flavours are my favourite fruits so I can’t wait to try the natural flavours of OxyShred:

– Mango

– Passionfruit


We are giving Help For Fitness customer’s the opportunity to PRE-ORDER their OxyShred which will be sent out from next Wednesday, 29th of July*

To PRE-ORDER your OxyShred, just click this link here: OxyShred by EHPlabs

and choose Mango PRE-ORDER or Passionfruit PRE-ORDER as the flavour that you would like to purchase.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.35.10 pm

Note: This is a pre-order meaning that you are ordering a product that is not yet in stock, and will be in stock mid-next week on the 29th of July.

The current OxyShred flavours are all delicious and sweet tasting so I can imagine that OxyShred Mango and OxyShred Passionfruit are going to be just as fresh tasting!

Current flavour line of OxyShred includes the following and here are my thoughts on the current OxyShred flavours on the market:

– Kiwi Strawberry: This is the green and refreshing flavour. It is light and to be honest, has been the most popular OxyShred flavour out of the bunch. I really like Kiwi Strawberry but I believe it is an acquired taste to some.

– Wild Melon: Another very popular flavour of OxyShred and was one of the original OxyShred flavours released. This is orange in colour and kinda reminds me of Berocca but doesn’t taste that orangy. Very sweet but make sure to add loads of water.

– Pink Grapefruit: This is one of my favourite flavours as Pink Grapefruit is a bit tangy but sweet at the same time. Not too sweet and very refreshing. This is one of my top flavours out of OxyShred. The liquid is pink as the name suggests!

– Guava Paradise: This OxyShred flavour is actually a crowd pleaser and when customer’s ask me what flavour to get, I always say Guava Paradise because I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t like this flavour! It is different and if you’ve tried real guava, this wont taste anything like it but this OxyShred flavour still tastes delicious. Light pink in colour, not as dark pink as Pink Grapefruit OxyShred.

IG-Two Flavors

*Help For Fitness cannot guarantee that all OxyShred pre-orders will be sent on the 29th of July and are not responsible for any delays caused by importing OxyShred by EHPlabs distributors.

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Written by Angeli - Help For Fitness

Angeli is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and founder of Help For fitness. Angeli is currently studying a Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching course. Angeli enjoys training, having fun and eating delicious and healthy food.

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