Busy Girl Nutrition and Workout Guide eBook

The Busy Girl Guides help busy women get fit and healthy and lose weight for good.

✔ Change your eating habits forever
✔ Never diet again!
✔ No calorie counting
✔ Lose weight and feel great
✔ Healthy on the inside and outside
✔ Workouts in under an 1 hour or less
✔ Easy to understand exercise explanations
✔ Quick and Easy Recipes!
✔ Easy to follow guide!

Two books for the price of one! Read more below

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Product Description

The Busy Girl Guides are made up of two eBooks

The Busy Girl Nutrition Guide

We know how hard it is to change your eating habits, and the Busy Girl Nutrition Guide has just the answer for you. Our Guide is different to the others on the market. We are not providing you a 12 Week Diet Plan which you will follow for a short period of time and then go back to your regular ways after the plan is over.

The Busy Girl Nutrition Guide encourages small changes each week to help change eating habits and to quit dieting. We help you to make small changes to your lifestyle, and you will eventually make all the necessary changes to help you feel good and find a balance to eating that is suitable to you. 

The Busy Girl Workout Guide eBook contains:

– Tips and Tricks: Latoya and Angeli spill their secrets to eating healthy and keeping on track that the everyday, busy woman can follow and implement today.

– Food Groups Explained: We simplify all the information you read online to help you make educated decisions on what food to eat.

– Sample Eating Plans: Angeli and Latoya share a sample plan of their weekly eating habits to help show you what a balanced diet looks like.

– Busy Girl Journal: Track your progress and write down your goals to help you change your lifestyle and quit dieting forever!

– Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Smoothie Recipes: We share our favourite healthy recipes that are tailored for the busy, time poor, woman who needs delicious and healthy food in 20 minutes or less!


The Busy Girl Guide eBook is a downloadable PDF.

The Busy Girl Workout Guide

The Busy Girl Workout Guide is a simplistic and achievable workout guide created for beginners designed to educate, motivate and guide a busy woman on how to look after her health and wellbeing as well as earn back the body she may have lost when prioritising the many demands life has thrown her way.

The Busy Girl Workout Guide eBook contains:

12 Week Workout Program designed to improve flexibility, endurance, strength, muscle tone and overall fitness levels.

– At Home Workout: Each workout can be done in the comfort of your own home. No need for an expensive gym membership! Minimal equipment required!

– Workouts in less than an hour: We know your busy, so we have made our workout program fast and intense. The warm up, workout and cool down can all be done within 1 hour.

Step by Step Instructions: The guide gives step by step instructions with picture diagrams to demonstrate how to perform each exercise effectively.

Exercise Database: We provide you with over 50 different exercises that you can use after the 12 week program to create your own workouts.

Over 50 pages including 2 x Warm Up Options, 2 x Cool Down Options and 12 Weeks worth of workouts.

The Busy Girl Guide eBook is a downloadable PDF.

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