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I am all for online shopping but it is only this year that I decided to start using online shopping for my groceries. Before that, I had only purchased non-perishable goods online such as clothes, furniture, shoes etc.

I was working from home and I really needed some groceries for dinner that night. I was really busy at work and I didn’t have time to pop out to the supermarket during my lunch break because I knew it would take me longer than an hour to do all the shopping. Not to mention, driving to the supermarket, trying to find parking and then fighting all the customers in the shops. It always takes me forever to find parking where I go grocery shopping, probably because it is a Westfields Shopping Centre.

Anyway, so I had saw that ShopWings had been advertising on Facebook and I decided to give them a go. There were three shop options to choose from: Coles, Aldi and Harris Farm. I usually shop at Coles as this is my closest supermarket so I chose Coles, and started choosing my items.

The selection of products is good, but is not as comprehensive as to what the Coles website has online. I was only after a few products:

  • Beef 1kg
  • Lamb Steak 400g
  • Champagne Ham 250g
  • Kangaroo Meat 440g
  • Frozen Corn 1kg
  • Frozen Beans 500g
  • Salad Mix 120g
  • Kale Salad Mix 300g
  • Bananas x 2
  • Lactose Free Milk 1L

In total, the above cost me $56.21 which is very reasonable. This is how much I would spend if I was just purchasing the above items at the supermarket.

I ordered at 1.51pm and at 3.30pm, my order arrived!

The ShopWings employee actually called me at 3pm as the salad mix that I wanted, wasn’t there so he was able to substitute the item with something else that I wanted which was great! He told me that he would be at my place in about half an hour.

Low and behold – ShopWings was there as promised!

The ShopWings employee came inside my house and put the groceries on my kitchen bench. He advised me to check the order, and that the receipt will be emailed to me.

Everything was there as promised and I was extremely happy with the service! I was able to order online in less than 10 minutes, and receive my items the same day.

The reason why I like ShopWings is that they promise to deliver your groceries within 2 hours. I have used both Coles and Woolworths Online Shopping, and although I do like their services, you have to book in a day in advanced – and even then, you may not get a delivery spot.

If you are short on time, like I am, head over to and try out their online grocery delivery service.

I am also giving Help For Fitness customers the chance to receive $10 off their first order. Click on the link below and enter the code at checkout: recommended-661f

ShopWings Australia


Good luck!

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Written by Angeli - Help For Fitness

Angeli is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and founder of Help For fitness. Angeli is currently studying a Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching course. Angeli enjoys training, having fun and eating delicious and healthy food.

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